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Here are a few seller testimonials from my clients after I sold their Sacramento Homes


Seller Testimonial: My husband and I were going through a divorce and were forced to sell our home.  We received an offer on our home and when we were getting ready to close escrow, the buyers were unable to close. Because Kyle had all of the paperwork filled out and organized, he informed us that we had a strong case. Kyle even went to court with us and won us $5,000. We made the best choice when we chose Kyle as our Realtor. He worked so hard for us, went above and beyond for us, and words just can’t express our gratitude. Also, while going to court with that situation, he was still able to sell and close our house in a timely manner with new buyers.

Ronald and Patricia


Seller Testimonial: Kyle helped me in so many ways. I was getting ready to lose my home when Kyle informed me that I could do a short sale. He was so friendly and understanding of my situation. Even the buyers agent informed me that Kyle was an amazing agent to work with and inquired as to how did I find him because good agents were hard to find. Not only did Kyle complete my short sale before the bank foreclosed on my property, but he was also able to negotiate with the buyers to allow me an additional month in the house after the close of escrow for free! The buyers were so friendly and understanding of my situation and everything went smoothly! Kyle was an awesome Realtor!

– Delilah Litchfield